Guest Friendly Hotels FAQ & Tips

Q: What is a guest friendly hotel and Why should I book one?

Answer: A guest friendly hotel is a hotel that allows you to bring overnight visitors to your room for no extra charge.  This is different than checking in with 2 persons per room at first check in. A guest friendly hotel allows you to bring whomever you choose to your room per night however they usually ask just to hold on to their I.D. card at reception.  You can save a lot of money this way by not paying joiner fees.

At non guest friendly hotels they will charge you per overnight visitor each night between 500 -1500 baht per night! This is why you should always book a guest friendly hotel. Check out the full listing of guest friendly hotels in Bangkok. Or you can check out the best 6 recommended guest friendly hotels in Bangkok.

Q: What is the fees if you don’t book a guest friendly hotel?

Answer:  Joiner fees are between 500-1500 baht per night per guests at non guest friendly hotels.

Q: Do You Have a Listing For Pattaya Hotels?

Yes, you can view that page on girl friendly hotels in Pattaya for an update list.

Q: How many visitors can I bring to my room overnight?

Answer: Most hotels allow one guest to stay overnight if they are guest friendly. They will usually charge extra for the third person.

Tip 1:  Booking a hotel close to transit and nightlife hot spots

Usually it is a smart choice to book your room close to transit and nightlife hotspots you prefer. For example, if you plan using BTS Transit system then book a hotel more closer to the main street Sukhumvit or near the BTS Stations. This is of course a personal choice as some like to walk and other don’t. But nevertheless it is a good thing to keep in mind.

Another example would be if you plan to frequent the bars of Nana Plaza More often, then it might be wise to book your hotel more closer to that area.